Minitube seminars in Ukraine

Minitube seminars in Ukraine

A very successful seminar on Porcine reproduction was held on February 22, 2018 in hotel Bratislava in Kiev. The event was attended by more than 80 specialists from all parts of Ukraine.

The seminar was organized by Minitube’s local distributors "VETECO Ltd." and "LLC VETLIKAR UKRAINE" featuring such topics as “Hygiene in Boar Semen Production”, “Reasons of Non-Returns” and “Troubleshooting Boar Semen” which were presented by Dr. Rudolf Grossfeld and Victoria Williams from Minitube, Germany.

The speakers covered at length a large number of important issues which can be useful in improvement of Porcine reproduction in Ukraine. A special attention was paid to problems after collection and dilution of semen, semen viability and contamination factors, causes of sow non-returns and boar training. In the live discussion local specialists shared their working experience and asked for suggestions and recommendations to their work protocols and procedures.

During the second workshop called “Increasing Efficiency in Bovine AI” which took place in one of the halls of the Agro Animal Show on February 23, 50-60 participants listened to presentations made by Alexander Valchuk, head of Gyn-Ob department at National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine and Irina Pominalnaja of Vetlikar. Victoria Williams from Minitube presented the artificial cow “Henryetta”, a naturally shaped cow model for artificial insemination training, which was tested by the participants in a practical part on their own.

On behalf of all the organizers we thank all the visitors of the seminar for their active involvement, professionalism and openness.